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About Instructor Taylor

Mr Taylor began his martial arts career at the age of 12. Dealing with adversity and growing up in tough neighborhood, he began to seek an outlet; a way to change what most would feel to be unchangeable. Mr Taylor found Taekwondo School and rode his bike there to watch classes every day for two months. He went home and tried to duplicate what he watched during the classes. Paying for the classes was not an option for him at the time. He took on a paper route only to find that that wasn't going to pay for the class. He was discouraged, border line defeated. The instructor at the school noticed his relentless persistence.  He approached Mr Taylor and realized he was unable to afford classes. He saw his passion. Because of this passion, he gave him a choice. The choice was to work at the school to pay for classes. He cleaned, sanitized, organized and painted. He was completely dedicated to his Taekwondo training. 
As a yellow belt, Mr Taylor began to prepare and train to compete in sparring competitions. He competed in several inner school and Taekwondo Association tournaments. Because of his relentless work ethic and passion, he did not lose a single match. At only the age of 13, he became an Indiana State Tournament medalist. Over the next few years he won the Indiana State Tournament several more times. In 1989 he competed in the National tournament in Rochester MN and won a Gold medal and a Bronze medal in 1990 at the National tournament in Fort Worth TX
During college, Mr Taylor studied Hapkido and formed the Taekwondo Club at Indiana University Bloomington. 

When he returned from college, as a black belt, he went back to his original Taekwondo School and became an assistant instructor. The Taekwondo School where his journey began at age 12.  

In 1995, while competing in the Indiana State Tournament, Mr Taylor suffered a serious hip injury in his 2nd match. He fought through the pain of the injury for two more matches, received a medal and earned the opportunity to compete on the National level once again. After returning from state, the doctors told him if he was to injure his hip again, he may never walk again. He educated himself of the anatomy of the hip and put himself through his own physical therapy for over a year. 

During the years that followed, Mr Taylor became a professional kickboxer and continued to train Taekwondo. 

With Taylor Made Martial Arts, Mr Taylor has a vision of helping people work through the adversity life throws at us. Continuing his passion to give strength to the weak and confidence to the timid.